Anti-arthritis drugs are used to relieve or prevent arthritis symptoms (such as joint pain and Joint stiffness). Specifically, the impact of rheumatism on fertility and reproduction may be significant. Individuals with systemic inflammatory disease have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, inflammation may accelerate the development of a variety of cardiovascular risk factors, such as diabetes (DM). Besides, inflammation may lead to insulin resistance and DM through multiple mechanisms.

Moreover, CD4+helper T (Th) cells mainly participate in tumor immunology and are including different subgroups based on their secretion of cytokines and immune function, namely Th1, Th2, and Th17 cells. Furthermore, Th1 cytokines (IL-1 β, IL-2, IL-12, TNF- α, IFN- γ) is related to the good prognosis of HCC patients. Th2 cytokines (IL-4, IL-5, IL-10) are relevant to tumor growth or metastasis. Thl type of immune response is usually related to the production of IgG2a and the development of cellular immunity. The secretion of cytokines is an important aspect of immune system regulation. Meanwhile, Th cells play a central role in regulating immune responses. We will introduce an orally active antirheumatic agent for adjuvant arthritis research, TAK-603.

TAK-603 is a Potent and Orally Active Antirheumatic Agent for Adjuvant Arthritis Research.

In the first place, TAK-603 is a potent and orally active antirheumatic agent. TAK-603 inhibits Thl-type cytokine production. Nonetheless, TAK-603 has the potential for the research of adjuvant arthritis.

In the next place, TAK-603 with 0, 1, 10 µM for 48 h suppresses the IFN-γ production. But it shows little effect on the IL-4 production in allo-reactive and an OVA-reactive BALB/c mouse T-cell line.

Last but not least, TAK-603 with 6.25 mg/kg/day by p.o. reduces the Thl-type cytokine production both in the arthritic lesion and in the spleen. Importantly, it inhibited arthritic paw swelling with the inhibition rate of 65%. Particularly, the IFN-y mRNA expression in the arthritic joint was significantly reduced.

All in all, TAK-603 is a potent and orally active antirheumatic agent for adjuvant arthritis research.


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